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  • Had great pleasure in meeting up with my fellow dog behaviourist Chris Onthank at the Dibevo 2012. Looking forward to meeting up again in the near future. Interested?.. please visit my friends website

    Chris Onthank
  • Hi Glenn, Thank you for the quick response and that you found the time so quickly to visit us. It was also a pleasure for us to have you in the house. You gived us so much advise, and confidence in Ramses and he makes such a progress it’s unbeleivable! We saw many “Dogtrainers” but there is only one that makes real sense, and that is you! From the first moment Nanda and I saw so many knowledge, its amazing. Well Chap, keep on the good work and the neighbourhood wil be full of nice and mannered dogs Greetings to you,

    Hans, Nanda, Perry en Myrthe Molenaar
  • Dear Glen, Emile and I have been great this week! I really notice that he is paying more and more attention to what I say and he certainly has not been aggressive since we have started our training. Thank you for being just about the best trainer anyone could ask for. Your first session really helped because you listened to what I was saying and tailored the next 8 sessions around my concerns. You focused on the basics with me and that is what we needed. Also, you remembered my particular worries and were always able to explain what I should be doing and why it was the best way. It’s clear that you really love dogs and people too! Before my training I was becoming stressed wondering whether Emile would be aggressive with another dog. Now, you have restored my confidence in handling Emile and made my walks with Emile a peaceful and happy time again. Thank you! All the best,

  • Our experience so far…Hi Glenn, I’d like to share our experience so far.. I am so enthousiastic. ( so happy with the situation). I hope you don’t mind that I want to share it with you. The first two days, JACK not wants to go out for a walk, we had to take him… In the house and garden Jack behaves as it should, quiet and submissive. We can go play with him and then we all enjoyed! Our voice a little louer, little game play, but fun for dog and his owners. It’s really much better with Jack and with us. We feel more confident and it affects Jack. And now we understand why he is doing things and how it should be. Sometimes Jack is a little uncertain, but it behaves much better and we have the lead. Today I went with my daughter to the shops and I stayed outside with Jack. For ten or fifteen minutes he quietly sat next to me without having to walk away. He did not state and did not respond to the passing dogs and people. It was a good exercise, and I felt much more powerful and calmer. This also applies to Robert and Lisa. It’s a party for all of us to walk with Jack. No pushing and hassle, he walks quietly beside us. Sometimes Jack take some of his power, but I can correct it quickly. We practice every day and try really lower voice, timing and use the loose line and line to correct him. It is so much fun with a dog that is obedient. Glenn, for you it’s your profession, but for us it is very learning experience and I’m glad you’re here for us and all those other people and dogs to help! Thank you, Glenn, for your help! It’s impressive to see you work with JACK. Thank you! All the best,

    Robert, Erica and JACK
  • Hi Glenn, Thanks a lot for the training schedule. We’ve been away for 2 weeks on holiday so that’s why I’am replying you so late. Your advice and the training have been very effective, and we have already seen a lot of results. Last sunday we took our dogs to Rotterdam-center and they behaved very well, even better than we expected! Again thank you very much for all your help and advice! Kindest Regards,

    Lia van der Meer
  • Dear Glenn, Baron and I safely arrived in London. When we picked him up at the Defra offices the immigration officers joked that there were problems with the paperwork because they didn’t want to give him back to us and they were all fighting to keep him. One officer said that they see countless dogs pass through but every once in a while they get a dog that everyone just falls in love with. Baron has found one or two friends in the park near us but it definitely isn’t like Vondelpark. I think maybe it’ll just take time. Wanted to thank you for the training sessions and for your patience and flexibility with our schedules. All the best to you and thank you again,

    Jeanette, Gavin & Baron
  • Hi Glenn, How are you? We’ve had a great week with Donut he has been SO well behaved, it is amazing! I guess the real reason is that finally I’m doing everything that I should be! Hope all is well, and BIG THANK YOU.

  • Hi Glenn, I really enjoyed meeting you. Thank you for all that you told us and showed us about how Odie thinks. We saw Odie transformed right before our eyes. Here’s the big thank you. I want to share with you a letter I wrote to one of my friends after your visit. Odie’s incessant barking finally made us call a dog behaviorist. My first thought was we’d have to drug him to be able to leave him alone – Odie, that is, not the behaviorist. Odie is extremely demanding – barking at us while we’re having dinner, jumping up, jumping on guest who come over, chasing the cat, pulling on the leash, and refusing to come when called. Oh, and digging holes in the garden. We put up with this because we love him and despite being so horrible, he’s also affectionate, playful, and funny. We’ve had dogs before (chocolates), but weren’t quite prepared for how “doggy” Odie is. The joke is our neighbors think his name is Odie-No. Well, Glenn came over and in about 10 minutes rocked Odie’s world – and ours. He had Odie totally figured out and positioned out of the dominant role. He offered us a view of Odie’s behaviors in relation to dominance and our abdication of the proper role of leadership. Glenn demonstrated how incredibly responsive Odie is to “top dog behaviour.” He also coached us on correcting (with love) undesirable behaviour in a language Odie understands. He got Odie to sit, stay, lie down, come when called, leave a toy, leave food, heel. And later, to ignore other dogs and even to ignore the cat on the sidewalk. All this without raising his voice or his hand. All by thinking like a dog and being the Top Dog. I also learned something I can use on myself too. Glenn got excited at every instance of bad behavior as a training opportunity. He said, never get frustrated – you lose the minute you do. It’s all calm and cool. Just telling him like it is and showing him what he’s supposed to do. Just imagine if I could react to my own mistakes without anger or frustration? Instead I can get excited at my own mistakes and look at them to see what I can learn.

    Christine Dahl
  • Dear Glenn, Everything is going well over here. There is an amazing change going on in our little dog family. No more barking and nipping and Skelter is much more relaxed. We are very grateful to you ! We hope we see you again in the future.

    Els, Piet, Skelter and Kim
  • Hi Glenn, It was really a pleasure to meet with you last night also – thank-you!! We were really impressed with your deftness and manner – we feel extremely confident continuing the training and are looking forward to it.

  • Hello Glenn, Just want to inform you that we are enjoying our new dog Spot. He has much of the character of our old dog, but behaves a lot better! Spot is much more fun now thanks to your help. In my opinion Spot is a lot more relaxed than before.

    Mike Bloemen
  • Dear Glenn, We are seeing a difference in Wodan already!! His tail is in the air when he walks outside (he never did that accept when he saw another dog.) He follows very well even when we go outside with our other dog BO.

    Nathan en Carola
  • Hi Glenn, Wanted to thank you again for all your help with Meisje. You are such a positive and encouraging trainer. I so enjoyed each and every class with you. I was very proud to show my kids my certificate today! Thanks so very much for all your extra help and knowledge.

  • Dear Glenn What a difference your suggestions have made. On our evening walk last night, he was a different dog. When he got a little snarly, I did what you suggested and it worked a treat.

  • Rico – A totally different dog, Our lovely Labrador Rico was put in a Belgium dog shelter for the second time when we got him at 8 months old. We were his third owners. In his early days Rico didn’t get the guidance he so desperately needed and by the time he was 12 months old and hit puberty things got out of control. The advice we got during the training sessions at our local dog owners club – and from other dog owners – did not give us any results and the situation was getting worse. Outside the house Rico was pulling on the lead, barking at other dogs, jumping them and sometimes starting a fight. Inside the house Rico was doing just about everything to get attention: barking very loud, nibbling hands and feet, jumping up people and riding their legs. We could not have guests over and sit down to have a normal conversation with them. We were very frustrated – up to a point where we were considering bringing Rico back to the dog shelter – by the time we contacted Glenn, of whom we had seen an advertisement at our vets’ office. We first did a 2,5 hour session with Glenn. The changes in Rico were amazing. Glenn explained a lot about natural dog behaviour and all the things we as owners – despite our good intentions – did to contribute to the bad behaviour instead of stimulating good behaviour. Since we had not taken the leader position Rico thought he had to be the leader of the pack. This gave Rico a lot of distress and all his bad behaviour could be traced back to this. In the 2,5 hour session Glenn also taught Rico the true meaning of the command “nee” and “los”. Furthermore, Rico learned not to pull on the lead. Once we as owners took the leader position and handled Rico accordingly, his problem behaviour was drastically diminished. We then chose to do two obedience courses with Glenn. Rico is now a totally different dog. With the one on one lessons Glenn was able to focus on Rico’s exact problem behaviour and his learning abilities both inside and outside the house. We systematically worked on the getting the attention of the dog, jumping on other dogs, getting along with guests in the house, barking and we did a noise and fire works training. Nowadays Rico can now follow with the lead off (do heel work). He can do a long stay (5 minutes or longer) with us running around and having fun out loud. He can come to us from a long distance and he is able to track and trace stuff. Rico has also learned to obey the hand signals for “zit”, “af” and “kom”. Rico has come a long way and has learned all this is in just 14 lessons. Rico has become a true asset to our family and we love him dearly. All our frustration is gone. Rico is happy, healthy and doing very well and so are we!

    Jeroen and Eviline
  • Hi Glenn, “As this was my first dog, I was completely new to the concept of obedience training for a puppy but you made the whole experience fun and informative for myself an Pixie. Your instruction was clear, motivating and encouraging and quite soon in I began to see results. Your flexibility of appointments and willingness to give advise outside of the training session was also really helpful to me. I will be using All About Dogs in the future and would recommend you to any dog owner interested in dog training.” Best regards and take care

  • Beste Glenn, Geweldig dat Pim en ik geslaagd zijn voor de cursus.Een paar maanden geleden had ik dat niet verwacht. Maar met jouw hulp en vooral je individuele benadering is het gelukt. En het was nog leuk ook. Dank en groeten,

    Liesbeth Hehenkamp
  • Hi Glenn, We like to thank you again for training us and Tara. And it still works ! Yours sincerely,

    Ellie Schrammeijer
  • I hope you understand what i am saying becase my englisch is not very good.I have been reading what you send me, and I understand it completly. I want you to now that Senna is a great learner and he is doing his best. We left him alone at the house a few thimes and it went great, he was al the time sleeping. When we are walking outside his behave is execelent, he listens and walk near by me. We bay him a toy where he has to play for a candy and hy loves it. We gif him the toy when we go out, so he dosn’t even now we are away. Friends of ours don’t even reconice Senna en think its a great improvement. We like to thank you for al your help I would like to wholeheartedly recommend Glenn Prosser as an excellent one-to-one dog trainer in the Netherlands. From the moment we contacted him he was courteous, patient and professional. As expats in Amsterdam, it was particularly convenient for us that he is a native English speaker. Through his website he presents training to address the following areas: • Barking • Aggression • Dominance • Lead Pulling • Nervousness • Shyness • Recall • Disobedience • Jumping Up Having recently rescued an abandoned puppy aged about 4 months, we were in desperate need of his expertise to support us in introductory training. Glenn listened to our experiences and concerns, and sent us a comprehensive e-mail with advice before we even discussed payment for a first lesson. His approach to training is to focus on the mindset of the dog, and he has done this by studying the behaviour of other pack animals such as wolves. Within the first 5 minutes of that first lesson, we were surprised and impressed to see how quickly Glenn secured the respect and attention of our dog, as he effortlessly demonstrated effective ways to train with simple commands and exercises. We happily paid for this first lesson, considering it to be money very well spent, and asked Glenn to support us with a structured and progressive training programme during the following 8 weeks. With just 3 of those 8 lessons now remaining, we are absolutely delighted with the results. Our puppy has come on in leaps and bounds, with targeted training designed to be enjoyable and productive for everyone involved. Glenn will follow his well-devised programme, but is perfectly flexible and willing to incorporate additional components on request. For anyone seeking a dog or puppy trainer who will come to your home in the Netherlands, I strongly endorse Glenn Prosser. Contact details, and more information on him and his services can be found on his web site:

    Graham and Natalia
  • Dear Glenn Sorry for my English, but I want to tell you that everything you have done for Tinus and me, it is really amazing, in the first case I think, for you it is easy, but now I have to do it !! Also the first days when I go outside with him I have a little bit tears, it was so heavy for him, but now Glenn every day it seems to go better, and the most important is really he is much happier. Glenn when we have problems we will send you a mail or phone, now I only can say to you thanks what you have done for us, for me you are a KANJER !!!! I hope you now what I mean whit this word.

    Tinus and Carla
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