About Glenn Prosser

Glenn Prosser is a professional dog trainer and behaviourist here in the Netherlands. He is an Approved Qualified Training Instructor and is also a member of the Academy of Dog Training and Behaviour.

Glenn grew up in East Africa where his love and passion for animals started and developed. He has had pets around him all his life. Eight years ago he moved to Holland where he now lives with his Dutch wife and two young children as well as his pet Dobermann Blaise and cat Reba.

Glenn’s Experience:

Glenn’s experience with dogs is many and varied. He participated in the dog show world and is experienced with handling dogs in the ring. He also worked for many years with a top dog breeding kennel as well as in quarantine kennels where his passion for dog behavior started.

Over the last few years Glenn has built up a reputation here in The Netherlands as being Holland’s Dog Whisperer. He visits clients all over the country. Apart from doing personal behaviour sessions with his clients and dog training courses, Glenn also organises and teaches workshops and Seminars on Dog Behaviour to the general public as well as vets and other professional organisations. He also writes articles for magazines.

His Method

When Glenn visits a client at home he starts with observing the relationship between the owner/family and their dog in their own environment. Then he gives feedback and advice. In the same session he works with the owner and the dog to change the unwanted behaviour.

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