One on One Training

Unless you are going to train your dog for a specific type of competition, eg. Fly Ball or Agility, group classes are generally not very effective. Many people enrol in group classes because they think it makes good socialisation and interaction with other dogs. It does, but as long as your dog was with a litter from six weeks of age to eight weeks, the dog would have already learned proper submissive and dominant behaviour. Unlike children dogs don’t need years of supervision and socialisation to learn these skills.

Of course these skills are vital to a dog’s healthy development but they can learn these just as easily from you taking the dog down to the supermarket, café or beach. You don’t have to spend a lot of money enrolling in a course to do that.

By having One To One sessions, the instructor’s entire time is focused on the relationship between the owner and their dog. This allows both owner and dog to learn quickly without any distractions. Added to this you are training your dog in its natural environment, (home) and without the company of other dogs as distraction.You hopefully can see the real benefits. In a class the instructor’s expertise and personal attention has to be divided by the number of dogs and owners present.

The amount of progress you can make by working with a qualified dog trainer can be phenomenal. For example, in less than ten minutes, you can take a dog that has been pulling on its leash for years and get him to pay attention to you and keep the leash LOOSE.

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