Puppy/ New Dog Bonding Course

This class is our entry Obedience Level. The course is designed for all dogs over 11 weeks and older, also for dogs with a very limited understanding of basic commands or owners who might be experiencing some problems with their dog. Here we teach the owner the principles of Obedience training together with the building of respect and trust between the owner and their dog.

Course Details: The course is held every Monday and Tuesday evening.

  • Learn the SIT position.
  • Learn the STAY position.
  • Learn the HEEL position.
  • Learn the COME command.
  • We also cover the areas of jumping, nipping and chewing etc.

The course will be for 8 lessons over 8 weeks. — Each lesson will be for 45 minutes.
Please ask for details from the contacts form or call us on 06 46 8888 60 and join in the fun.

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