Behavioural training

Like every living creature, a dog is born with an instinctive natural behaviour that enables it to live life in a happy comfortable manner amongst its kind. They do this by following strict codes of conduct which they acquire by natural instinct or learning from their peers.
Your dog is a social pack animal. The way it socialises and relates to other dogs, people, and other animals in its life is much different than how we human beings relate to each other. Understanding this is the key in ensuring your dog will have a healthy, happy and stable relationship with those around it

The cause of the vast majority of dogs that display unwanted behaviour is usually due to confusion. Confusion in what position the dog thinks he is in the pack,(the owner and family). Depending on that position, the dog will display its instinctive responsibilities which can lead to unwanted behaviour in our human social world in which it shares. The Top Dog or Leader makes all the important decisions in the pack and takes all the responsibility for the pack’s safety and survival. When you begin to develop a more natural relationship with your dog through understanding its drives and instincts which are specific to its species and become its Leader, then you will see positive change in your dogs behaviour. Your dog will start respecting you like it never has before, he will suddenly begin to respond to your commands, they will suddenly have meaning in them. Your dog will bond to you much more closely and will actively yearn to please you. When you learn how to replicate the way other dogs communicate with your dog, you will immediately begin to make progress.

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